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Sequential Injection ECU Kits 3/4 Cyl.


V5.0OBD Professional is a gas sequential injection gas supply system. When the system works, the gas ECU takes the fuel injection signal from original vehicle as the basic signal, and collects the parameters of the engine cooling water temperature, RMP, gas pressure, gas temperature, Intake manifold pressure and other parts at the same time to decide the final gas injection time and gas rail injector supply gas to the corresponding engine cylinder.

When the switch is in the gas position, the gas ECU will automatically detect the conversion conditions which are already stored in the ECU. When the condition is met, system will switch to the gas. At this time, the gasoline injection nozzle is cut off, and the gas system ECU drives the gas rail injector to start working. 

The gas ECU can accurate fixed quantity of gas injection by reading the original car real-time data from the OBD, and the gas system can automatically learn operations conditions of the vehicle.

The system is suitable for 3-4 cylinder of naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines, meet Emission six Requirement.


Parts NameTechnical Parameters
ECU-V5.0OBD-04AEngine type 3-4 cyl 
Input voltage8-16 V 
Working tempt.-40℃ ~125 ℃
Max. working current10A
Protection levelIP54
HARNESS-V5.0 OBD-CN-JWorking tempt -40℃-125℃
LED Switch EX738Working voltageDC5V, Rated current:20mA
3 in 1 sensor  MPT01-IMWorking voltageDC5V
Temperature sensor4.7KΩ
Gas pressure measurement range20KPa-400KPa(Absolute pressure)
MAP measurement range20KPa-250KPa(Absolute pressure)
Water tempt. Sensor SW01-M5-FUResistance4.7KΩ

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